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Contact Person: Eric Fegraus Applications (right click on links below to download): Requirements
  • Desktop with Widows XP or Vista
  • Activesync > 4.5
  • Windows Mobile
The TEAM Network is developing mobile technology with smart phones and PDAs (EcoPDAs) that can be used to gather scientific data in the field. These devices will greatly facilitate data collection while simultaneously ensuring the data are of the highest scientific quality. Our first generation of the "EcoPDA" supports the Butterfly and Vegetation Protocols. Key features of the EcoPDA are:
  • Multiple data entry formats including easy to understand maps and forms
  • Ensures all relevant to the protocols are collected
  • Applies QA/QC rules and validation to all input (e.g., using dropdown menus or pre-determined rules)
  • Automate routine tasks (e.g., time and date stamping)
  • Enable collection of multiple data types (e.g., alpha-numeric, image, and sound) as primary or contextual information
  • Interface with desktop applications to easily synchronize data between the field and the central information management system.
The EcoPDA application and technical support is provided by the Center for Embedded Networked Sensing at University of California, Los Angeles.