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Small-footprint, discrete-return lidar data were collected over the La Selva protected area in Costa Rica in 2009. The data include coverage of the lowest elevation TEAM vegetation plot at the Volcan Barva TEAM site as well as low-biomass secondary forests and plantations.

The lidar data were collected and provided to TEAM by Northrop Grumman Corporation, through the Global Climate Monitoring Systems and 3001 remote sensing division.


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  • Tile Index, 157KB
  • Original Point Cloud (LAS) Data Files Tiles 1-37, 1.1GB
  • Original Point Cloud (LAS) Data Files Tiles 38-73, 1.5GB
  • Terrain-Removed Point Cloud (LAS) Data Files Tiles 1-37, 1.1GB
  • Terrain-Removed Point Cloud (LAS) Data Files Tiles 38-73, 1.6GB
  • Lidar-Derived Digital Elevation Model of Terrain, 119MB
  • RGB Imagery (ECW) Data Files (0.15 m Resolution), 565MB

Acquisition date: 26 September 2009
Acquisition time: Afternoon
Flying altitude: 1500 m above ground level
Type of Sensor: Optech 3100EA
GPS/IMU System: Applanix POSAV 510 system with two GPS base stations
Ground Control Points: Collected at two locations within the project area (dozens of points, grouped in each location)
GPS/IMU Processing: Applanix PosPac 5.0
Point Cloud Generation: Optech Dashmap 4.0
Point Cloud Editing and Model Generation: Terrasolid 9.0
Orthophoto Generation: Applanix DSS tools and photogrammetry toolset

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