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TEAM Protocol Data

Data Query and Download is a Google map based application for downloading avian, butterfly, climate, primate, vegetation and terrestrial vertebrate data and images. Click on the image to the right to use this application or review the query and download tutorial to get started. For sites with slow network connectivity, the Data Download (Lite) application is a non-map based alternative version of the Data Query and Download application. Please note that endangered species records are filtered out and are not available for download without completing a request form.

Endangered species data is available to all Network Members and to those whose request to access endangered species data has been approved.

Monitoring Ecosystem Services, Agriculture, and Livelihoods in Rwanda

Data from the project Monitoring Ecosystem Services, Agriculture, and Livelihoods in Rwanda is also available for download. This includes data on climate, water, terrestrial vertebrate, fuelwood scarcity, landscape composition, climate resilience, and soil organic carbon.

Lidar Data

There is a separate page to download small-footprint, discrete-return lidar data that were collected over the La Selva protected area in Costa Rica in 2009. The data includes coverage of the lowest elevation TEAM vegetation plot at the Volcan Barva TEAM site as well as low-biomass secondary forests and plantations.

GIS Data

TEAM Network Members may download GIS data with information about TEAM site administrative boundaries, hydrology, infrastructure, landcover, DEM, imagery, sampling design, ArcGIS geodatabase and ZoHDEC components and spatial data products if available.

Historic Camera Trap Data

We also have a separate page for downloading historic camera trap data. This data contains the initial pilot data for the Camera Trapping Protocol which is no longer being implemented. The active Terrestrial Vertebrate Protocol utilizes camera traps to detect changes in forest vertebrate communities. The Terrestrial Vertebrate data are available for download in the Data Query and Download application.