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The TEAM network is very proud to provide open access to all data collected through the network. The data you are about to download has been collected by many individual scientists and partners throughout the world and involved an enormous amount of work. These data do NOT belong to TEAM, but the partners who collected it. In order to ensure proper credit is given to each and every person responsible for collecting these data, please follow these guidelines:

  • Visit the data set creators page for contact information of the people that need to be consulted if you intend to use their data in a publication. As a courtesy you should offer co-authorship to each data set contact for that particulat data set. If they decline to be a co-author please remember to include them in the acknowlegements of your paper.
  • Ask each data set creator to send you names of other people/institutions who might have been involved in data collection that should be properly acknowledged.
  • Each paper using TEAM data needs to have the following text included in the acknowledgements section: "All data in this publication were provided by the Tropical Ecology Assessment and Monitoring (TEAM) Network, a collaboration between Conservation International, the Smithsonian Institution, and the Wildlife Conservation Society, and partially funded by these institutions, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and other donors".
  • Before downlading the data you will be asked to agree to TEAM's Data Use Policy. Please review it carefully to ensure you understand your responsibilities and rights as a data user.
  • For security reasons, access to data for sensitive species (either listed as Endangered or Critically Endangered by IUCN's Red List) needs to be approved by TEAM technical staff before it can be downloaded. Please describe as clearly as possible the intended use of the data, the name of the project, and the names of scientists and institutions involved. TEAM will process these requests within 24 hours of reception.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO CONTACT THE APPROPRIATE DATA SET CREATOR SCIENTIST BEFORE PUBLISHING A PAPER THAT USES TEAM DATA. Visit the active data set creators page for contact information by site and protocol.

Avian, butterfly and vegetation litterfall data has only been collected from the Manaus, Caxiuana, and Volcan Barva TEAM sites. If you click on the submit button and no data is displayed, it has not been collected for the sites you have selected.

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