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The "data query & download" online tool permits its user to search for and download TEAM data. Querying and downloading data using the online tool are described in the examples and screenshots below. Please email with any problems using the data download & query tool.

Download data using the steps below or watch the movie

Step 1: login and visit the data download page

Login to the TEAM site to download data. Login is only required for data download - data query alone doesn't require site login.

Navigate to the data download & query page from the top level site menu:

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Step 2: choose a data application

Choose the version of the data download & query application that is appropriate for your network connectivity:

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Step 3: query for data to download

The image below is an example of the high network connectivity application. The download tab in the top right menu of the page is selected along with all butterfly data from the Caxiuanã TEAM site. Data can optionally be selected from a specified time range by completing the begin and end range fields.

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Step 4: approve data use policy and download data

Each time data is downloaded the user must agree to the terms of TEAM's data use policy:

Read the agreement and scroll to the bottom to confirm the use agreement:

The data requested can now be downloaded locally:

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Movie: data application

The movie below shows how a user would query and download data from the TEAM site. Click on the play button (arrow at the bottom of the image below) to start the movie.
Click on the play button above to start movie.

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