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This is a bird and mammal species list for Barro Colorado Nature Monument - Soberania National Park. The list is based upon the species observed via the TEAM Network Terrestrial Vertebrate protocol and is not meant to be an all inclusive list of species at Barro Colorado Nature Monument - Soberania National Park. This species list excludes observations where the camera trap image was not able to be identified (labeled as "unidentifiable" as a result of a poor quality image) and observations where the species in the image has not been able to be determined to genus or species (labeled as "unknown"). Please direct any questions or suggestions to .

This list of 55 species (24 Aves, 31 Mammalia) was generated on December 9, 2018. Click on column headers to sort.

Class Family Genus Species Common Name
AVES ACCIPITRIDAE Buteogallus anthracinus Common Black-hawk
AVES ACCIPITRIDAE Geranospiza caerulescens Crane Hawk
AVES ARAMIDAE Aramus guarauna Limpkin
AVES ARDEIDAE Tigrisoma lineatum Rufescent Tiger-heron
AVES CATHARTIDAE Cathartes aura Turkey Vulture
AVES COLUMBIDAE Columbina talpacoti Ruddy Ground-dove
AVES COLUMBIDAE Geotrygon montana Ruddy Quail-dove
AVES COLUMBIDAE Leptotila cassini Grey-chested Dove
AVES COLUMBIDAE Leptotila verreauxi White-tipped Dove
AVES CRACIDAE Crax rubra Great Curassow
AVES CRACIDAE Penelope purpurascens Crested Guan
AVES CUCULIDAE Neomorphus geoffroyi Rufous-vented Ground-cuckoo
AVES FALCONIDAE Micrastur semitorquatus Collared Forest-falcon
AVES FORMICARIIDAE Formicarius analis Black-faced Antthrush
AVES FORMICARIIDAE Formicarius nigricapillus Black-headed Antthrush
AVES JACANIDAE Jacana jacana Wattled Jacana
AVES MOMOTIDAE Electron platyrhynchum Broad-billed Motmot
AVES ODONTOPHORIDAE Odontophorus gujanensis Marbled Wood-quail
AVES RALLIDAE Aramides cajaneus Grey-necked Wood-rail
AVES THAMNOPHILIDAE Hylophylax naevioides Spotted Antbird
AVES THRAUPIDAE Eucometis penicillata Grey-headed Tanager
AVES TINAMIDAE Crypturellus soui Little Tinamou
AVES TINAMIDAE Tinamus major Great Tinamou
AVES TURDIDAE Hylocichla mustelina Wood Thrush
MAMMALIA ATELIDAE Alouatta palliata Ecuadorian Mantled Howling Monkey, Mantled Howler Monkey, South Pacific Blackish Howling Monkey
MAMMALIA CANIDAE Canis latrans American Jackal, Brush Wolf, Coyote, Prairie Wolf
MAMMALIA CAVIIDAE Hydrochoerus isthmius Lesser Capybara
MAMMALIA CEBIDAE Cebus capucinus Gorgona White-fronted Capuchin, White-throated Capuchin
MAMMALIA CERVIDAE Mazama temama Central American Red Brocket
MAMMALIA CERVIDAE Odocoileus virginianus Key Deer, Key Deer Toy Deer, White-tailed Deer
MAMMALIA CUNICULIDAE Cuniculus paca Spotted Paca
MAMMALIA DASYPODIDAE Cabassous centralis Northern Naked-tailed Armadillo
MAMMALIA DASYPODIDAE Dasypus novemcinctus Common Long-nosed Armadillo, Nine-banded Armadillo
MAMMALIA DASYPROCTIDAE Dasyprocta punctata Central American Agouti
MAMMALIA DIDELPHIDAE Didelphis marsupialis Black-eared Opossum, Common Opossum, Southern Opossum
MAMMALIA DIDELPHIDAE Marmosa robinsoni Robinson's Mouse Opossum
MAMMALIA DIDELPHIDAE Metachirus nudicaudatus Brown Four-eyed Opossum
MAMMALIA DIDELPHIDAE Philander opossum Gray Four-eyed Opossum, Guaiki
MAMMALIA ECHIMYIDAE Hoplomys gymnurus Armored Rat
MAMMALIA ECHIMYIDAE Proechimys semispinosus Tome's Spiny Rat
MAMMALIA ERETHIZONTIDAE Coendou rothschildi Rothchild's Porcupine, Rothschild's Porcupine
MAMMALIA FELIDAE Leopardus pardalis Ocelot
MAMMALIA FELIDAE Leopardus wiedii Margay, Tree Ocelot
MAMMALIA FELIDAE Puma yagouaroundi Eyra Cat, Jaguarundi
MAMMALIA LEPORIDAE Sylvilagus brasiliensis Forest Rabbit, Tapeti
MAMMALIA MUSTELIDAE Eira barbara Greyheaded Tayra, Tayra
MAMMALIA MUSTELIDAE Galictis vittata Greater Grison
MAMMALIA MYRMECOPHAGIDAE Tamandua mexicana Northern Tamandua
MAMMALIA PHYLLOSTOMIDAE Desmodus rotundus Common Vampire Bat, Vampire Bat
MAMMALIA PROCYONIDAE Nasua narica Coatimundi, White-nosed Coati
MAMMALIA PROCYONIDAE Procyon cancrivorus Crab-eating Raccoon
MAMMALIA SCIURIDAE Sciurus granatensis Red-tailed Squirrel
MAMMALIA TAPIRIDAE Tapirus bairdii Baird's Tapir, Central American Tapir
MAMMALIA TAYASSUIDAE Pecari tajacu Collared Peccary