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This is a bird and mammal species list for Nam Kading. The list is based upon the species observed via the TEAM Network Terrestrial Vertebrate protocol and is not meant to be an all inclusive list of species at Nam Kading. This species list excludes observations where the camera trap image was not able to be identified (labeled as "unidentifiable" as a result of a poor quality image) and observations where the species in the image has not been able to be determined to genus or species (labeled as "unknown"). Please direct any questions or suggestions to .

This list of 42 species (10 Aves, 32 Mammalia) was generated on February 18, 2019. Click on column headers to sort.

Class Family Genus Species Common Name
AVES COLUMBIDAE Chalcophaps indica Emerald Dove
AVES PHASIANIDAE Arborophila brunneopectus Bar-backed Partridge
AVES PHASIANIDAE Arborophila chloropus Scaly-breasted Partridge
AVES PHASIANIDAE Francolinus pintadeanus Chinese Francolin
AVES PHASIANIDAE Gallus gallus Red Junglefowl
AVES PHASIANIDAE Lophura diardi Siamese Fireback
AVES PHASIANIDAE Lophura nycthemera Silver Pheasant
AVES PHASIANIDAE Polyplectron bicalcaratum Grey Peacock-pheasant
AVES TIMALIIDAE Garrulax maesi Grey Laughingthrush
AVES TURDIDAE Myophonus caeruleus Blue Whistling-thrush
MAMMALIA BOVIDAE Capricornis milneedwardsii Chinese Serow, Southwest China Serow
MAMMALIA CANIDAE Cuon alpinus Asiatic Wild Dog, Dhole, Indian Wild Dog, Red Dog
MAMMALIA CERCOPITHECIDAE Macaca arctoides Bear Macaque, Stump-tailed Macaque, Stumptail Macaque
MAMMALIA CERCOPITHECIDAE Macaca assamensis Assamese Macaque, Assam Macaque
MAMMALIA CERCOPITHECIDAE Macaca leonina Northern Pig-tailed Macaque, Northern Pigtail Macaque
MAMMALIA CERVIDAE Muntiacus muntjak Barking Deer, Bornean Red Muntjac, Indian Muntjac, Red Muntjac, Southern Red Muntjac, Sundaland Red Muntjac
MAMMALIA FELIDAE Pardofelis marmorata Marbled Cat
MAMMALIA FELIDAE Pardofelis temminckii Asiatic Golden Cat, Golden Cat, Temminck's Cat
MAMMALIA FELIDAE Prionailurus bengalensis Leopard Cat
MAMMALIA HERPESTIDAE Herpestes urva Crab-eating Mongoose
MAMMALIA HYSTRICIDAE Atherurus macrourus Asiatic Brush-tailed Porcupine
MAMMALIA HYSTRICIDAE Hystrix brachyura Himalayan Crestless Porcupine, Malayan Porcupine
MAMMALIA MANIDAE Manis javanica Malayan Pangolin, Sunda Pangolin
MAMMALIA MURIDAE Leopoldamys sabanus Long-tailed Giant Rat, Noisy Rat
MAMMALIA MUSTELIDAE Arctonyx collaris Hog Badger
MAMMALIA MUSTELIDAE Martes flavigula Javan Yellow-throated Marten, Yellow-throated Marten
MAMMALIA MUSTELIDAE Melogale moschata Chinese Ferret-badger, Small-toothed Ferret-badger
MAMMALIA MUSTELIDAE Melogale personata Burmese Ferret-badger, Large-toothed Ferret-badger, Large-toothed Ferret Badger
MAMMALIA PRIONODONTIDAE Prionodon pardicolor Spotted Linsang
MAMMALIA SCIURIDAE Dremomys rufigenis Asian Red-cheeked Squirrel, Haussa Genet
MAMMALIA SCIURIDAE Menetes berdmorei Indochinese Ground Squirrel
MAMMALIA SCIURIDAE Ratufa bicolor Black Giant Squirrel, Malayan Giant Squirrel
MAMMALIA SPALACIDAE Cannomys badius Bay Bamboo Rat, Lesser Bamboo Rat
MAMMALIA SUIDAE Sus scrofa Eurasian Wild Pig, Ryukyu Islands Wild Pig, Wild Boar
MAMMALIA TRAGULIDAE Tragulus javanicus Java Mousedeer, Javan Chevrotain, Javan Mousedeer, Kanchil, Lesser Mouse Deer
MAMMALIA TRAGULIDAE Tragulus kanchil Lesser Malay Chevrotain, Lesser Mousedeer, Lesser Oriental Chevrotain, Mouse Deer
MAMMALIA TUPAIIDAE Tupaia belangeri Northern Treeshrew, Northern Tree Shrew
MAMMALIA URSIDAE Helarctos malayanus Malayan Sun Bear, Sun Bear
MAMMALIA VIVERRIDAE Arctictis binturong Bearcat, Binturong, Palawan Binturong
MAMMALIA VIVERRIDAE Paradoxurus hermaphroditus Common Palm Civet, Mentawai Palm Civet
MAMMALIA VIVERRIDAE Viverra zibetha Large Indian Civet