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This is a bird and mammal species list for Nouabalé Ndoki. The list is based upon the species observed via the TEAM Network Terrestrial Vertebrate protocol and is not meant to be an all inclusive list of species at Nouabalé Ndoki. This species list excludes observations where the camera trap image was not able to be identified (labeled as "unidentifiable" as a result of a poor quality image) and observations where the species in the image has not been able to be determined to genus or species (labeled as "unknown"). Please direct any questions or suggestions to .

This list of 46 species (7 Aves, 39 Mammalia) was generated on January 16, 2019. Click on column headers to sort.

Class Family Genus Species Common Name
AVES ACCIPITRIDAE Accipiter melanoleucus Black Goshawk
AVES ACCIPITRIDAE Aquila africanus Cassin's Hawk-eagle
AVES COLUMBIDAE Turtur brehmeri Blue-headed Wood-dove
AVES CUCULIDAE Cuculus clamosus Black Cuckoo
AVES NUMIDIDAE Agelastes niger Black Guineafowl
AVES NUMIDIDAE Guttera plumifera Plumed Guineafowl
AVES PHASIANIDAE Francolinus lathami Forest Francolin
MAMMALIA BOVIDAE Cephalophus callipygus Peter's Duiker, Peters' Duiker
MAMMALIA BOVIDAE Cephalophus dorsalis Bay Duiker
MAMMALIA BOVIDAE Cephalophus leucogaster White-bellied Duiker
MAMMALIA BOVIDAE Cephalophus nigrifrons Black-fronted Duiker
MAMMALIA BOVIDAE Cephalophus silvicultor Yellow-backed Duiker
MAMMALIA BOVIDAE Philantomba monticola Blue Duiker
MAMMALIA BOVIDAE Syncerus caffer African Buffalo
MAMMALIA BOVIDAE Tragelaphus eurycerus Bongo
MAMMALIA BOVIDAE Tragelaphus spekii Marshbuck, Sitatunga
MAMMALIA CERCOPITHECIDAE Cercocebus agilis Agile Mangabey
MAMMALIA CERCOPITHECIDAE Cercopithecus cephus Moustached Guenon, Moustached Monkey
MAMMALIA CERCOPITHECIDAE Cercopithecus nictitans Greater Spot-nosed Guenon, Greater White-nosed Monkey, Putty-nosed Monkey, Spot-nosed Guenon, White-nosed Guenon
MAMMALIA DIDELPHIDAE Philander mondolfii Mondolfi's Four-eyed Opossum
MAMMALIA ELEPHANTIDAE Loxodonta africana African Elephant
MAMMALIA FELIDAE Caracal aurata African Golden Cat, Golden Cat
MAMMALIA FELIDAE Panthera pardus Leopard
MAMMALIA HERPESTIDAE Atilax paludinosus Marsh Mongoose, Water Mongoose
MAMMALIA HERPESTIDAE Bdeogale nigripes Black-footed Mogoose, Black-legged Mongoose
MAMMALIA HERPESTIDAE Herpestes naso Long-nosed Mongoose
MAMMALIA HOMINIDAE Gorilla gorilla Lowland Gorilla, Western Gorilla
MAMMALIA HOMINIDAE Pan troglodytes Chimpanzee, Common Chimpanzee, Robust Chimpanzee
MAMMALIA HYSTRICIDAE Atherurus africanus African Brush-tailed Porcupine
MAMMALIA MANIDAE Phataginus tricuspis African White-bellied Pangolin, Three-cusped Pangolin, Tree Pangolin, White-bellied Pangolin
MAMMALIA MANIDAE Smutsia gigantea Giant Ground Pangolin, Giant Pangolin
MAMMALIA MUSTELIDAE Mellivora capensis Honey Badger
MAMMALIA NANDINIIDAE Nandinia binotata African Palm Civet, Two-spotted Palm Civet
MAMMALIA NESOMYIDAE Cricetomys emini Forest Giant Pouched Rat, Giant Rat
MAMMALIA NESOMYIDAE Cricetomys gambianus Gambian Rat, Northern Giant Pouched Rat
MAMMALIA ORYCTEROPODIDAE Orycteropus afer Aardvark, Antbear
MAMMALIA SCIURIDAE Funisciurus lemniscatus Ribboned Rope Squirrel
MAMMALIA SCIURIDAE Funisciurus pyrropus Fire-footed Rope Squirrel
MAMMALIA SCIURIDAE Protoxerus stangeri African Giant Squirrel, Forest Giant Squirrel
MAMMALIA SUIDAE Hylochoerus meinertzhageni Forest Hog, Giant Forest Hog, Western Forest Hog
MAMMALIA SUIDAE Potamochoerus porcus Red River Hog
MAMMALIA THRYONOMYIDAE Thryonomys swinderianus Greater Cane Rat
MAMMALIA TRAGULIDAE Hyemoschus aquaticus Water Chevrotain
MAMMALIA VIVERRIDAE Civettictis civetta African Civet
MAMMALIA VIVERRIDAE Genetta servalina Servaline Genet