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This is a bird and mammal species list for Virunga Massif. The list is based upon the species observed via the TEAM Network Terrestrial Vertebrate protocol and is not meant to be an all inclusive list of species at Virunga Massif. This species list excludes observations where the camera trap image was not able to be identified (labeled as "unidentifiable" as a result of a poor quality image) and observations where the species in the image has not been able to be determined to genus or species (labeled as "unknown"). Please direct any questions or suggestions to .

This list of 25 species (6 Aves, 19 Mammalia) was generated on February 22, 2019. Click on column headers to sort.

Class Family Genus Species Common Name
AVES COLUMBIDAE Aplopelia larvata Lemon Dove
AVES CORVIDAE Corvus albicollis White-necked Raven
AVES MUSCICAPIDAE Cossypha caffra Cape Robin-chat
AVES MUSCICAPIDAE Pogonocichla stellata White-starred Robin
AVES PHASIANIDAE Francolinus nobilis Handsome Francolin
AVES PICIDAE Mesopicos griseocephalus Olive Woodpecker
MAMMALIA BOVIDAE Cephalophus nigrifrons Black-fronted Duiker
MAMMALIA BOVIDAE Domesticated cow
MAMMALIA BOVIDAE Syncerus caffer African Buffalo
MAMMALIA BOVIDAE Tragelaphus scriptus Bushbuck
MAMMALIA CANIDAE Canis adustus Side-striped Jackal
MAMMALIA CANIDAE Canis lupus familiaris
MAMMALIA CERCOPITHECIDAE Cercopithecus mitis Blue Monkey, Diademed Monkey, Golden Monkey, Samango, Sykes' Monkey
MAMMALIA ELEPHANTIDAE Loxodonta africana African Elephant
MAMMALIA FELIDAE Caracal aurata African Golden Cat, Golden Cat
MAMMALIA FELIDAE Leptailurus serval Serval
MAMMALIA GLIRIDAE Graphiurus murinus Woodland Dormouse
MAMMALIA HERPESTIDAE Herpestes sanguineus Slender Mongoose
MAMMALIA HOMINIDAE Gorilla beringei Eastern Gorilla, Mountain Gorilla
MAMMALIA MURIDAE Lophuromys woosnami Woosnam's Brush-furred Rat
MAMMALIA NESOMYIDAE Cricetomys gambianus Gambian Rat, Northern Giant Pouched Rat
MAMMALIA PROCAVIIDAE Dendrohyrax arboreus Eastern Tree Dassie, Eastern Tree Hyrax, Southern Tree Dassie, Southern Tree Hyrax
MAMMALIA SCIURIDAE Funisciurus carruthersi Carruther's Mountain Squirrel
MAMMALIA VIVERRIDAE Genetta servalina Servaline Genet