Callophylum sp deaths in Ranomafana National Park

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July 24, 2017

Death of Callophylum sp

Since May 2016, TEAM team in Madagascar detected many individuals of Callophylum sp dead within Ranomafana National Park. At the moment, we are estimating around 50% of the individuals in this species for Ranomafana National Park have died. We do not know yet the main vector of that pathogen.

While this genus defoliates, there has been the spread of a 'wilt' fungus (Leptographium calophylli), which has targeted this genus and researchers (Kew Gardens - #ZavGasy) have asked groups in the field to record observations of diseased Calophyllum trees to help us map the spread of the fungus. However, other possibilites such as climate change or a species of beetle can not yet be ruled out as the origin of the problem.

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