Inaugural Congress of African Primatological Society - Red Colobus Action Plan

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July 27, 2017

Summary report on the Inaugural Congress of African Primatological Society

Prepared by Arafat Mtui – UEMC/ TEAM Project Manager – Udzungwa, Tanzania

This is a summary report on my trip to Ivory Coast to attend the inaugural Congress of African Primatological Society (APS) and workshop on Red Colobus Action Plan which organized by Centre Suisse de Recherches Scientifiques en Cote de’lvoire (CSRSC), we had three days of presentation on Inaugural Congress of the African Primatological Society, from 24th–26th July, followed by a full day workshop of Red Colobus Action Plan, on 27th July, 2017.

The first three days was research presentations from those who submitted abstracts. There was also a competition of Poster presentation for University student’s project. Three winners were awarded for the best presentations.

After three days of presentations, the APS participants had a general meeting to elected the executive leaders of the African Primatological Society (APS), The leaders were elected by vote; president, general secretary, treasurer and communication officer. Other leaders will be presidential appointee in consultation by executive committee members and will be approved by general assembly. During the general meeting, participants also reviewed the proposed constitution of organization (APS) of which different ideas and suggestions were raised to improve the proposed constitution for amendments.

Red Colobus Action Plan:
On the 27th July 2017, was a full day workshop on Red Colobus Action Plan. The workshop was facilitated and led by Dr. Drew T. Cronin, see attached program. Discussion for the East African Group was led by me and Grainne McCabe who was taking notes as summary of the group discussion. Mr. Stanslaus Kivei from Kenya wasn’t able to participate due to unavoidable reasons. 

The ultimate goal of the workshop was to raise awareness for Red Colobus monkeys, raise funds for their conservation, and to develop a set of conservation action items that can be reasonably accomplished over the next five years that will help secure the future of these animals across Africa. In order to accomplish this task, the organizers need to draw upon the expertise of the large group of people/ researchers working on red colobus across their entire range.  If you look at the workshop agenda, number 4, topic; INTRO TO REGIONAL BREAK OUT SESSIONS, We did discuss and came up with results as see in the attached file named; (East Africa Red Colobus Action Plan). The group leader for East Africa was Grainne and I, (Arafat).

With this brief summary, please find attached document for the update and what was discussed. Next workshop will be held in Kenya next year around July/August 2018. The attachments include summary map of red colobus distribution in Africa, a summary of the discussion for participants from East Africa name (East Africa Red Colobus Action Plan), and workshop agenda. (There were three regions: East Africa, Central Africa and West Africa, as seen in the summary map of Red Colobus distribution)


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