Potos flavus observed in Caxiuanã

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January 16, 2017

While the photos of the trap cameras do not come, we always look for other animals that might be around. This time, we were lucky to hear and observe three kinkajous (Potos flavus) next to the Ferreira Penna Science Station in Caxiuanã.

The kinkajou is a rainforest mammal of the family Procyonidae related to olingos, coatis and raccoons. This species has nocturnal and arboreal habits, which often makes encounters difficult. Although they are solitary animals, they can be found in groups when feeding or sleping in trees. In this case, three individuals were very excited eating the fruits of Cecropias trees (Cecropia sp).

Many Cecropias trees were flowering in November attracting different animals. Besides the kinkajous, we observed howler monkeys (Alouatta belzebul), parakeets (Pyrrhura lepida) and bats.

Photos by Adriano Maciel and Fernanda Santos

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