WCS delegation visits ITFC

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March 9, 2016

On 9TH of March 2016 ITFC hosted Dr. Cristian Samper, CEO of WCS and three board of trustee members for WCS (Judy Hamilton, Walter, C. Sedgwick and Gloria E. Jovane) who were visiting Uganda. They came along with Dr. Simon Napimdo and Dr. Andrew Plumptre WCS Uganda Country director and WCS Director Albertine Rift respectively. During their visit to ITFC Emmanuel Akampulira made presentation on the TEAM activities in Bwindi. He particularly focused on the progress of TEAM and the important milestones that have been made since the inception of TEAM in Bwindi.  They were impressed how much TEAM had achieved especially in showing the trends of biodiversity in Bwindi. They observed that most of the data has not be analyzed by ITFC. They thought it would be important for ITFC, CI and WCS to work together to conduct simple analyses that could benefit UWA and other partners.