Pasoh Forest Reserve (04.01.2015 to 06.30.2015)

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April - June
Protocol Activities: 


30 locations in Array 3 were successully camera trapped (8 May- 9 June). Data is being annotated and uploaded. Cameras have been deployed in 30 more locations in Array 1 (completed 2 July)



Monthly data collected from datalogger at the climate station

Protocol Problems: 

Several more areas of the reserve has been degazatted for other land uses; almost 500ha on the west of the reserve will be converted into plantations by order of the state government, while a compartment in the most southern part of the reserve (Compartmet 133) has been marked for selective logging activities. At least 5 camera trap locations will be affected (CT_PSH_308, 309, 311, 115 and 326). As advised by the TEAM technical team, the cameras will remain at these locatiosn to document changes in vertebrate populations due to these land changes. However, maintenance of these points comes with a high risk of camera theft.