Monitoring Indicators and Protocols

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TEAM monitors the following metrics:

and two main drivers of change:

In addition, TEAM has designed supporting documentation and protocols to describe how data should be managed (Data Management protocol) and the specific methods that guide the Sampling Design of TEAM at a local scale (TEAM Network Sampling Design Guidelines). TEAM also has legacy protocols that are no longer part of core monitoring activities.

The specific methods for collecting the data to derive these metrics and drivers are the result of the input, review and consensus of many expert scientists and organizations . The core methods/protocols have been carefully compiled by TEAM to be as user-friendly and complete as possible. A TEAM protocol typically includes the following components:

  • Protocol Implementation Manual: a document describing in detail how to implement the protocol from laying out the design and setup to field sampling and data processing.
  • Field Form(s): Standardized data collection forms to be used in the field (paper based or electronic).
  • Data Entry Form(s): Standardized electronic forms where the information contained in the Field Forms is transcribed into a digital format. These digital forms are then uploaded to the TEAM portal.
  • Data Dictionary: Digital files that describe the data types and provide definitions for the Field Forms and/or Data Entry Forms.