Vegetation Monitoring Protocol (tree/liana biodiversity and forest carbon)

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The TEAM Vegetation Monitoring Protocol provides a standardized methodology for the monitoring of tree and liana biodiversity in tropical forests providing the basic information to calculate above-ground carbon. Repeated annual censuses of trees and lianas in permanent plots are the most robust way to monitor changes in aboveground biomass in tropical forests and the effects of climate change on forest growth, mortality and functional and taxonomic diversity.

TEAM Vegetation Monitoring protocol in a nutshell:
  • Tree and liana biodiversity are monitored in at least six 1-ha plots at each site
  • All stems (trees, lianas, palms, tree ferns) larger than 10 cm diameter breast height (DBH) are measured
  • Plot censuses are done annually during the dry season at each site
  • Plots are placed randomly in the dominant vegetation type at the site or along an altitudinal gradient if one exists
  • Plots are separated by at least 2 km and placed within the core sampling area at the site
  • Measurement error of field personnel is estimated at the start of the each census period

Current Protocol Documents:

Version 1.5 Version 1.6

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