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The goal of the TEAM Climate Monitoring Protocol is to provide a standardized methodology following World Meteorological Organization guidelines (WMO) to generate high-quality, reliable measurements of climatic variables for tropical forests. By unifying the equipment used, siting requirements for the climate station, sensors, and sensor calibration/maintenance schedules across sites, it is possible to detect climate trends between and within sites to further understand the effects of climate change on biodiversity and ecosystem services, and make the data a truly global resource for the scientific and conservation communities.

TEAM Climate protocol in a nutshell:
  • Climate station is ground-based (most equipment mounted on a 3 m tower)
  • Climate station is autonomous and self powered (solar panel, battery)
  • Four variables measured: air temperature, relative humidity, global solar radiation, and precipitation
  • Sensors for temperature/relative humidity and solar radiation are run in duplicate
  • Temperature/RH sensors housed inside an aspirated radiation shield
  • Measurements are logged every 5 seconds and reported every 5 minutes in a data logger
  • Automated standardized computer program for data collection
  • Standardized maintenance and sensor calibration procedures
  • Standardized data and metadata capture and distribution tools

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Training videos
The following videos are designed to help with installing a TEAM climate station. All videos are also available via the TEAM Network channel. For sites with slow internet connectivity, press pause on the video until the bar along the bottom of the video reaches the end to avoid choppy playback. Alternately, open in the Firefox browser and use the "File->Save Page As" option to download the file to your computer and watch offline.

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