Barro Colorado Nature Monument - Soberania National Park (01.01.2014 to 03.31.2014)

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January - March
New Species: 

Two species new to the TEAM survey were caught on camera trap in Soberania National Park: Coyote and Grison.

Protocol Activities: 
  • Climate monitoring continued as planned, except for some delays in data upload.
  • Vegetation monitoring was scheduled for the next quarter if 2014.
  • Camera trapping was completed across all 60 points as planned.
Logistical Problems: 

Humidity and battery failure are increasingly interferring with the camera trapping. At 5 of the 60 points, cameras recorded animals during less than two weeks. These deployments are being redone.

One recurring problem is that the vents are being eaten / pierced by ants, letting humidity into the camera trap.


It seems that we need to move to different rechargeable batteries, such as Eneloop XX.

We should also consider developing methods to better protect the cameras against humidity as the vent seems to not be working, and often gets pierced by ants. A colleague on BCI routinely tapes all seals AND the vent with duct tape and had no humidity problems since.