Barro Colorado Nature Monument - Soberania National Park (04.01.2014 to 06.30.2014)

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April - June
Protocol Activities: 
  • Climate monitoring continued as planned, with some delays in data upload due to travel of the PI.
  • The 2014 vegetation census was completed. Data entry is still ongoing, but delayed because of a large CTFS activity involving the database manager. Upload should be possible in August.
  • The images from the 2014 camera trapping were processed and uploaded to the database. This included some re-sampling of points at which cameras experienced problems.
Logistical Problems: 

We have quite a few problems with the Reconyx Hyperfire cameras, which suffer from the humidity. We had to send many for repairs. One problem is that ants and termites pierce the vent and enter the cameras, and humidity along with them.

We have replaced the rechargeable batteries with Eneloop Pro batteries, which hold their charge much better.


Procedures are needed to avoid humidity problems with the cameras.

Besides passage through a drying room, use desiccant etcetera, one solution that seems to work is to use security enclosures screwed into the tree stem with a lag screw/bolt. These keep the camera away from rain flow along the tree stem. In addition, using an enclosure protects the camera against vandalism and theft, facilitates the mounting, keeps the camera firmly in position so no animals can move it (thanks to the screw), and allow (via the holes in the stem) putting the camera in exactly the same place annually. If funds permit, we will deploy all cameras in BCI with security enclosure next year.