Barro Colorado Nature Monument - Soberania National Park (07.01.2016 to 09.30.2016)

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July - September
Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 

The El Nino event ended, so rainfall is back to normal. The la Nina that was was expected to follow did not express itself during this quarter. Fruit availability during the wet season on BCI appears to be high compared to other years, which is in line with a positive effect of El Nino conditions on fruit production in this region. 

Protocol Activities: 

The climate monitoring continued, with some gaps because of the replacement of a weak segment in the canopy tower that holds the equipment.

The vegetation data are being entered. This is a bit more difficult than in other years because the data entry team is very busy with the census data from the CTFS plot.

The camera trapping protocol has been entirely completed for this year, except for repairs of camera traps. To capture the El Nino impacts on vertebrates (including a predicted famine shortly after El Nino), we have continued running camera traps on BCI in a 30-point grid.