Barro Colorado Nature Monument - Soberania National Park (10.01.2011 to 12.31.2011)

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October - December
Communications activities: 

There have been no formal communication/training activities or workshops.However, the TEAM project on BCI is frequently mentioned by the STRI leadership in presentations to the pubic, officials, donors etc.

Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 


New Species: 


Protocol Activities: 

TEAM Climate Monitoring finally started, headed by STRI scientists Helene Muller-Landau and Matteo Detto. STRI runs a climate canopy tower with high-end sensors on BCI. This tower now received code that logs climate data in TEAM format, alongside the STRI climate logging. At some point, we should try to pull data collected before this point into the TEAM database as well.

Camera traps were placed in the Barro Colorado Nature Monument by technical assistant Yorick Liefting and his team, mid-December. This will be the second year of Vertebrate Monitoring.

Protocol Problems: 

It took a few iterations before the script for logging climate data worked. Jorge and the othe TEAM people in Washington did a great job here.

Schedule Problems: 


Logistical Problems: