Bukit Barisan (01.01.2010 to 03.31.2010)

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January - March
Communications activities: 
We have no personnel changes since January. Meyner Nusalawo (Opo) is leading the camera trap and the vegetation protocols.
Protocol Problems: 
Climate protocol: Our climate station was set up and established on 24th February 2010. We have been able to retrieve data on the 25th February. On March 22, we retrieved the memory card but no new data since the last downloaded (25th Feb) was able to retrieve. On April 25-26, with TEAM/WCS Technical Liaison, Tim O’Brien, we visited the climate station again and tried to solve some of the problems. We found out that one of the memory card seemed to be broken (gave a “no input file” reading on laptop). We changed card but still not able to download new data. We then used the RSB232/USB cable and were able to download 40 minutes of data directly from the data logger. We found out that we need to carefully insert the card and watch the light indicator. When the light rapidly flashed orange (means the card won’t be able to retrieve new data from the data logger), we need to take off the card and re-insert again. The card (a reformatted one) works well if the light rapidly flash red for several minutes then goes off. We were still not able to retrieve the climate data between 25th Feb – 25th April. Camera Trap protocol: Our first camera trap array has been deployed started in 8 April 2010 and will be scheduled to be picked up on May 9, 2010. Two teams consisting of four people (2 field staff and 2 porters), were usually needed to deploy all the camera traps during 4-5 days. No particular problems were found during the deployment. Cameras were usually deployed at a range between 0-20m from proposed points depends on potential location for animal paths. Only one point was positioned around 63 from proposed point because the location was inaccessible due to high density of rattan and no potential animal paths.
Schedule Problems: 
Formal presentation to the DirGen of PHKA Dept of Forestry has been delayed for several times since October 2009, and this may affect our schedule since formal approval has not been obtained. However, our climate station has been set up by the end of February, but we still had problems in collecting the data from memory card (see protocol problems). Camera traps from the first array have been set up on the 8th April 2010, a bit late than what was scheduled (April 1st 2010). This was due to short on staff. Our camera trap leader (Meyner Nusalawo) had to take a leave due to personal matters.
Logistical Problems: 
Climate station has been set up and established, as well as fences around the climate station. However, only one pyranometer was received and this has been set up as well. Several cutting of trees should be carried out around the climate station. WCS Indonesia is in the process of renewing the MOU, and we think that the process of requesting permission to cut trees from the Department of Forestry should be done after the MOU. None other important problems were found during deployment of climate and camera trap protocols. Only one camera was not working properly (rapidly flashing red and does not identify the memory card).