Bukit Barisan (07.01.2014 to 09.30.2014)

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July - September
Communications activities: 

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Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 

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New Species: 

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Protocol Activities: 

Terrestrial Vertebrate Protocol:

The current camera trap deployment in 3 arrays were handled as the original 2 arrays because the array configuration is spatial arrays, not temporal arrays. This has been confirmed by TEAM Technical Coordinator. The camera trap images are still being processed on DeskTEAM.

Two new camera traps were known to be deployed on 6 camera trap location ID as the followings.

  • Serial number H500 EE 05128009 - ID: CT-BBS-1-21, CT-BBS-2-05, CT-BBS-2-21

  • Serial number H500 EE 05128389 - ID: CT-BBS-1-24, CT-BBS-2-10, CT-BBS-2-24

Vegetation protocol:

BBS vegetation data quality report was sent by TEAM Technical Coordinator. The vegetation data containing errors are still being processed

Climate Protocol:

We are still waiting for the replacement of damaged tools.


Protocol Problems: 

Terrestrial Vertebrate Protocol:

  • DeskTEAM became not responding when processing memory card containing more than 6,000 images.

  • There is uncertainty about the morphology difference between Muntiacus muntjak-Muntiacus montanus and Tragulus napu-Tragulus kanchil. This could increase the probability of giving wrong species identification and affect data quality.

Vegetation Protocol:

Some data errors reported still can not be fixed and need further confirmation from the field.

Schedule Problems: 

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Logistical Problems: 

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