Bukit Barisan (07.01.2015 to 09.30.2015)

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July - September
Communications activities: 

No news

Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 

Monthly rainfall dropped dramatically since May 2015 due to El-Nino event.

New Species: 

No news

Protocol Activities: 

Terrestrial Vertebrate Protocol:

Camera Trap Array 2 has been picked up in July. Out of 30 camera stations, 15 cannot be sampled due to management issue in the national park. All available camera trap photographs have been identified and submitted to TEAM Network.

Vegetation protocol:

All vegetation plots have been sampled and tree with coordinate errors have been checked. Vegetation data has been submitted in August.

Climate protocol:

No activities regarding climate protocol.

Protocol Problems: 

Terrestrial Vertebrate Protocol:

Fifteen camera trap points of Array 2 cannot be deployed completely due to management issue with Tambling Wildlife Nature Conservation. MoU regarding camera trap survey are still being processed.

Vegetation Protocol:

No protocol problem.

Climate Protocol:

Damaged climate sensors have not been replaced.

Schedule Problems: 

The area management issue delays the deployment of 15 camera trap points. The camera will be set up as soon as the MoU agreed.

Logistical Problems: