Bukit Barisan (10.01.2009 to 12.31.2009)

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October - December
Communications activities: 

We had some personnel changes. The person who should take in charge with the climate protocol was moved to another project.  Our field station manager (in charge with camera trap protocol) is also resigned starting February 2010.

  • Dedy Permadi: moved to another project within WCS Indonesia Program
  • Firdaus Rahman: resigned started February 2010
  • Age Hawarihadi: new staff, in charge with the IT and technical things
Schedule Problems: 

Formal presentation to the DirGen of PHKA Dept of Forestry has been delayed for several times since October 2009, and this may affect our schedule particularly on setting up the climate station since formal approval has not been obtained. However, preparation of climate station is in progress this January and we really hope to try out collecting the data sometime in early February.

Logistical Problems: 

All of the climate station equipment has been received in November 2009 and we have ordered a tower for climate station mounting. However, because of the differences between climate station equipment received and the one that we've been practiced in Lao, adjustment may be made to fit all of the sensors mounted to the tower which may need some time this January