Bwindi Impenetrable Forest (01.01.2012 to 03.31.2012)

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January - March
Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 

No unusual events at site

Protocol Activities: 

Vegetation protocol

All the six vegetation plots were re-measured. New recruits were identified; tagged and mapped Herbarium specimens for the recruits in the plots were collected. Data for three plots was submitted and accepted on the TEAM portal. The stem lats/longs were generated by Eric and plotted on to the Bwindi map.


Climate monitoring protocol

Climate data for months January, February and March was uploaded onto the TEAM portal. Bi-weekly maintenance of the climate station has been carried out in accordance with the protocol. The maintenance log has also been uploaded onto the portal.


Camera traps:

Planning for the second camera trapping exercise scheduled in May.

Protocol Problems: 

No problems were encountered at the site

Schedule Problems: 

No deviations from the proposed sampling schedule.

Logistical Problems: 

No logistical problems at the site.


No suggestions to be made at the moment.

Publications or Presentations in Scientific Meetings: