Caxiuanã (01.01.2016 to 03.31.2016)

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January - March
Communications activities: 

In the end of January (27 -29) the site manager, Fernanda Santos, attended to a workshop organized by ICMBio and TEAM Network/Conservation International in Belém, Pará (Brazil). She was responsible for share her experience with the protocol and explain about camera trap installation in the field.

Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 

No unusual events at the site

New Species: 

No new species recorded at site.

Protocol Activities: 

CLIMATE PROTOCOL - climate data from January to March were submitted at TEAM portal.


TERRESTRIAL VERTEBRATES PROTOCOL - Array 2 deployment happened in late January (2016), i.e. we has a big delay in our sampling. Images from Array 1 and 2 were processed in DeskTEAM and then were sent to Filezilla in March.



Protocol Problems: 

TERRESTRIAL VERTEBRATES PROTOCOL – We still have with problems with the equipments. Some of cameras worked just few days in the field. Others had pictures with no quality.


CLIMATE PROTOCOL – One of the HMP55 sensor had problems and it is no working properly since February.


Schedule Problems: 

TERRESTRIAL VERTEBRATES PROTOCOL – Our TPK file with all data of TV protocol (2015) presented an error during its processing. We are working on this with Mr. James McCarthy to fix the error. Unhappily, we do not have the “original file” anymore and we do not know if it will necessary to re-identify all pictures. In this case, we will have a longer delay. 

Logistical Problems: 



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