Caxiuanã (07.01.2012 to 09.30.2012)

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July - September
Communications activities: 


Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 


New Species: 


Protocol Activities: 
  • The climate data were collected without problems this quarter. Finally, we received all the equipment for new climate protocol (3.0). The new protocol must be installed until November.
  • We have completed the sampling period in array 1 (August through September) for the Terrestrial Vertebrates protocol, and we installed cameras trap in array 2. Data from array 1 are being analyzed.
Protocol Problems: 

We lose some data (during the night) from climate protocol in August and some days of September. The missing data problems are caused by a power management. The battery was replaced in middle of September.

Schedule Problems: 

We had a delay to install the first array of cameras trap. It was possible to initiate just in August 16th. Nevertheless, all the 30 camera trap points were installed without problems.

Logistical Problems: 
  • We had problems with two of our motors: Yamaha 25 HP and Suzuki 15HP. Both were taken to the mechanic for repair/maintenance. Just the 25HP motor was repaired at this moment.
  • One of our cameras trap didn’t function. The message ‘Camera not found’ is visualized.

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