Caxiuanã (10.01.2010 to 12.31.2010)

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October - December
Communications activities: 

A site visit was undertaken by Jorge Ahumada (Technical Director), between the 14th and 16th of October, 2010, this was a good opportunity to integrate the staff of Team Caxiuanã. Jorge’s visit was very helpful to the site as he provided updates during several meetings and discussions.

From September, 2010 Marcela Lima is the Lead Scientist for the Terrestrial Vertebrate Protocol for the Caxiuanã TEAM Site. Marcela is biologist, with a Masters degree in Zoology. She has worked in areas of Cerrado and Brazilian Amazon, researching small, medium and large mammals.

Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 
The first sampling with camera traps started in December and the results are currently being analyzed. However, an individual of the species Atelocynus microtis (Short-eared Dog) was already identified. This is an important record; this species occurs at very low densities and is abundant nowhere.
Protocol Problems: 
Terrestrial Vertebrate We are still having problems importing the camera traps. For several months we have been trying to complete the import process, and this has caused a considerable delay in field activities. The Manaus site is helping us, lending their equipment for our sampling. Climate The climate data in September and October showed some gaps in the values recorded at night. Maintenance and cleaning of equipment was performed. The data for November and December are ok.
Schedule Problems: 
Vegetation Originally, field activities should have taken place in September, but Fabio Leão had to leave the project and this caused a delay in the protocol. Field activities were undertaken only in November. Terrestrial Vertebrate Sampling included some of the wet season. The installation of camera traps began in December after receiving the equipment from the Manaus Team site.