Caxiuanã (10.01.2014 to 12.31.2014)

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October - December
Communications activities: 

No communication activities.

Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 

No unusual events at the site.

New Species: 

No new species recorded at the site.

Protocol Activities: 

CLIMATE PROTOCOL - climate data from October to December were collected and submitted at TEAM portal. TERRESTRIAL VERTEBRATES PROTOCOL - Array 2 deployment and retrieval was completed. Images from Array 1 and 2 were processed in DeskTEAM computer program. All data is available. VEGETATION PROTOCOL – the re-measurement of trees and lianas occurred without problems. Data was uploaded in the end of November.

Protocol Problems: 

TERRESTRIAL VERTEBRATES PROTOCOL - We had problems with cameras trap in 2014. We finished Array 2 with NINE cameras trap NOT WORKING. Some of cameras worked just few days in the field, so we lost data.

Schedule Problems: 

We had a small delay to collect vegetation data because of the importation of materials. However, this did not compromise the protocol.

Logistical Problems: 

There were not logistical problems.


We need a plan to repair or replace the cameras. I really do not know if it is viable send the cameras to Reconyx because of the bureaucracy and taxes of importation.