Central Suriname Nature Reserve (01.01.2017 to 03.31.2017)

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January - March
Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 

The water level of the Coppename river was high, some creeks were filled so we had to wade through them. Entrence to some transects was hindered by high water level, so we had to cut through the upper vegetation first.

Protocol Activities: 

Terrestrial vertebrate protocol: 49 camera traps were deployed

Placed array 1 during 23 January - 5 February

Picked up array 1 during 4 March - 25 March

Placed array 2 during 4 March - 25 March

Climate protocol: Not monitored

Vegetation protocol: Not monitored

Protocol Problems: 

Array 1: Only 25 camera traps were functional and deployed

Array 2: Only 24 camera traps were functional and deployed

Camera performence bad (11/25 from array 1 did not reach the 30-day goal after deployment, possibly due to bad batteries.

Recommendation: New chargers and batteries (Preferably not tenergy; chargers: Titanium or Powerex Maha; batteries: AmazonBasics High-capacity or Ikea ladda as these are both re-branded Eneloop pro batteries); Battery cases for storage are required so batteries don't short-circuit and degrade (which happens when thrown together in a bag).

Because of rains, some cameras had accumulated water inside. These were cleaned and four silica gel packets were placed inside to absorb any additional moisture. Four cameras not switching on any more (presumably because of moisture damage).

Recommendation: Using a security box can significantly repel water falling from above, 1-gram silica gel packets attached with glue dots are required (2 per camera)

Battery chargers seemed to malfunction (e.g. batteries from a dead camera were placed inside charger and within 1 minute charger led indicated batteries were fully charged.

Action: Batteries that indicated a full charge within half an hour were not used

Four cameras were not placed at their station, but as close as possible (due to inaccessibility and limited manpower)

Schedule Problems: 

The protocols had some delay, because our agreement started later than normal.