Central Suriname Nature Reserve (10.01.2011 to 12.31.2011)

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October - December
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Protocol Activities: 

Activities for the period July - December 2011 had been re-initiated in October after the budget was approved by TEAM. On 28th October, the Suriname TEAM crew consisting of one plant ecologist and three assistants travelled to CSNR, where they stayed till the 21st of November. During this period the following activities were accomplished:

·         Set up of a fourth plot (3P) by placing and tagging all stakes

·         509 stems were measured and in plot 1P, and the X,Y coordinates of each new stem were located and tagged

·         445 stems measured in plot 2P, and the X,Y coordinates of each new stem were also noted and tagged

·         359 stems tagged and measured in plot 3P, as well as locating the X,Y coordinates of each stem

·         547 stems measured in plot 5P, and the X,Y coordinates of each new stem were also located and tagged

·          flowers and fruits of several plant species were photographed for identification purposes

On the 7th of November the second crew arrived at CSNR to set up 30 camera traps in array 1 till November 20. In the period between December 7 and 21, the camera traps were removed from array 1 and placed in array 2, after all data had been downloaded, camera traps serviced, and batteries had been recharged.

During this period climate data from June 28 till December16 were also collected and trails were maintained.

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