Central Suriname Nature Reserve (10.01.2012 to 12.31.2012)

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October - December
Communications activities: 


Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 

This period was characterized by an extended drought. The water level in the river got very low and some parts of the river dried out. This resulted that the camera traps that were placed in the second array could not be removed as the technicians could not reach the locations. The camera traps will be removed in January when the rain returns and the waterlevel in the rivers is suffuciently high.

New Species: 

None. Pictures of array 1 are still being analysed

Protocol Activities: 

Climate data till 19th of November 2012 had been collected and uploaded. Camera trap pictures from array 1 had been collected and are being analyzed. In each array 30 camera traps were deployed. Thus, a total of sixty camera traps are deployed in the two arrays. The vegetation protocol could not be carried out in thios period.

Protocol Problems: 

The vegetation protocol could not be implemented as the consultant with whom we have arrangements to carry out the work could not be reached. Although all arrangements were set and agreed with him to do the work, he didnot respond to any contact from us. As we are aiming to finalize the set up of 1.5 plots and to carry out the census of all six plots in this fiscal year, we are still looking for other consultants and/or institutions to carry out the vegetation protocol.

Schedule Problems: 

The camera traps from array 2 could not be collected due to the dry out and/or very low waterlevel of parts of the river, making it impossible to reach the locations. The removal of the camera traps is now planned for January 2013. The vegetation protocol could also not be implemented. For the moment the schedule for setting up the remaining plots and the counting of plants is cancelled.

Logistical Problems: