Cocha Cashu - Manu National Park (01.01.2012 to 03.31.2012)

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January - March
Communications activities: 


Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 


New Species: 


Protocol Activities: 

Terrestrial Vertebrates: TEAM Cocha Cashu fixed two non-functioning camera traps at RECONYX -USA. We bought 60 memory cards, a New GPS (one of the GPS was broken on the field) and water proof cases for the GPS and as backpacks. We alos bought more Zorb-it since we learned from last year that one pacakage of Zorb it at Cocha Cashu is not enough.


Vegetation Protocol: This year we will collaborate work RAINFOR, leaded by Oliver Phillip and his team in order to finalize our identifications and do out measurements. RAINFOR also works in Manu for 8 years and this collaboration will helps TEAM logistics wise and for plant identification and TEAM plots (Pakitza 1, Pakitza 2, and Barranco) will be added to the RAINFOR network.

Climate Protocol:  I have had trouble uploading the data in the webportal. I thought it was because of the area the site manager is located in (Viru, Trujillo, Peru) but now I am in the USA and the server does not take the data or rejects it. I am uploading in the format I was indicated but I do not get results.


Protocol Problems: 

We are having trouble uploading data and reports, could be a problem of the server or firefox.