Cocha Cashu - Manu National Park (04.01.2015 to 06.30.2015)

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April - June
Communications activities: 

In June 1st, Patricia Alvarez-Loayza presented the TEAM methodology to a group of students in Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios. Patricia was invited by ACEER Foundation. The title of the presentation was "Monitoring terrestrial Vertebrates in Manu National Park"

In the upcoming months, there will be 3 talks scheduled in Lima Peru, about TEAM activites in Manu National Park.


Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 

1- One June 2nd, we observed uncontacted presence near one point of the camera traps. Teh camera trap was moved 50 meters away to avoid any contact with the tribe. 

2- El Nino Phenomenon brought an unusual amount of rain at Cocha Cashu, so we started working in a flooded forest. Rains were a typical event daily and most of the forest floor was flooded until mid June. It is usually dry by May. 


Protocol Activities: 

1-On June first we we started setting up the camera traps. This time we set up 60 cameras in both sites. The camera traps are being icked up now. 

2- The weather station was checked and cleaned (liquens, grass, wasp nests)

Protocol Problems: 

The computer HP does not work in the humidity of our site (we tried all kind of dry-rite, silica) but it stops working. So the weather data can not be uploaded until we reach another computer that has the program to download the data. We will upload the data by next week.