Cocha Cashu - Manu National Park (07.01.2014 to 09.30.2014)

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July - September
Communications activities: 

 Oh August 28th, Patricia Alvarez met the Park Officials: John Flores, Nelson Anaya and Jose Jara in Cusco, Peru to explain and show the potential uses of the  WPI Index for the Park Monitoring activities. 

Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 


New Species: 

Saguinus fuscicollis was reported in one of the camera traps for the first time in the four years of monitoring. It is a common species in the canopy of Manu forests but it is the first time that is being reported in the camera traps located in the ground. 

Protocol Activities: 

 Vertebrate Protocol: we pick up all the camera traps from the second location (Pakitza), 15 of them are malfunctioning and they are currently being reapired at RECONYX, USA. We are posting the pictures and the data obtained.

Vegetation protocol. We finished the re-census of the 6 Manu plots. Data will be psoted soon

Protocol Problems: 

 Internet connectity is still a problem so we cannot post data until Patricia Alvarez arrives to the USA.

Schedule Problems: 


Logistical Problems: