Korup National Park (01.01.2011 to 09.30.2011)

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01 : January - September
Protocol Activities: 

(a) Six vegetation plots, established in 20111, received their first census in Feb-March 2011. All data were submitted to the TEAM portal.

(b) Camera traps arrived to the site too late to be deployed within the dry season. They will be deployed for the first time during December 2011-March 2012. Site metadata will be collected at that time. This protocol is led by the Dr Atanga Ekobo.

(c) Climate data collection did not commence yet. The climate tower could not be established because the park became inaccessible during the late rainy season. The tower will be established, metadata will be taken, and data collection will start in December 2011. This protocol is led by Dr George Chuyong (University of Buea).


Protocol Problems: 

The largest available clearing in the park, Chimpanzee Camp, does not meet the TEAM standards. In conjunction with the TEAM technical director, it was decided that the climate station will nevertheless be placed in Chimpanzee Camp, that the clearing will be somewhat enlarged, and that the surrounding vegetation will be closely monitored.

Schedule Problems: 

The camera trapping and climate equipment arrived too late for the first terrestrial vertebrate census and the climate station to start in the dry season. The rainy season at Korup made the park entirely inaccessible from the city. It was decided to postpone both to the next dry season.

Logistical Problems: 

Shipping delays.