Korup National Park (01.01.2013 to 03.31.2013)

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January - March
Communications activities: 


New Species: 

Protocol Activities: 

Climate data for January – March 2013 were collected and uploaded to the TEAM website.

The second recensus of the six 1-ha vegetation plots was started out in December 2013. Data cleaning is on-going.

The second year of vertebrate monitoring program was completed successfully, early March. The enthusiastic team then continued with a one-time deployment of the cameras in a third array, adjacent to the second array, following TEAM protocol. We aim to determine whether some missing species known from the park, in particular Chimpanzee, were perhaps still present in this more remote part of the park.


Logistical Problems: 

One of the cameras was shot at and destroyed by a poacher, the data seem lost. The second array therefore included only 29 points.

Last year, many camera traps had problems with the output of the digital screen which was barely readable at the end of the season. This year, the Korup Camera trap team installed “camera roofs” to better protect the cameras from rain and humidity. The roofs showed to be helpful since most cameras still had a perfectly readable screen after the final pickup, even though the rains were heavier at the end of this season. A new drying closet was installed in the Mundemba office to ensure further drying and prevent any malfunctioning due to humidity