Korup National Park (01.01.2015 to 03.31.2015)

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January - March
New Species: 
Protocol Activities: 
Climate station: Climate data for the period January – March 2015 was downloaded to from the field station and still to be uploaded to the TEAM website. Trees and Lianas: The fifth recensus of the six 1-ha vegetation plots was carried out in January 2015 and data entry and cleaning is on-going. Terrestrial vertebrates: The fifth year of vertebrate monitoring program was initiated in February. The cameras were deployed in the first array and later on collected and the images downloaded.
Protocol Problems: 
The CFM100 card module of the climate station got bad, and several attempts to fix it failed. Climate data since them were retrieved by connecting directly the R232 to the system to download the data. The problem resulted in the loss of data from 2014-07-18 to 2014-10-15. A new CFM100 card module was recently purchased to replace the faulty one.
Logistical Problems: 
There was delay in the starting of the vertebrate monitoring program because the 10 camera traps sent to RECONYX for repairs were returned back to Yaounde only in late January. The main computer got damaged due to power problems; CT image processing has not started.