Korup National Park (07.01.2012 to 09.30.2012)

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July - September
Protocol Activities: 

Climate station:

The Korup climate station is fully operational. Data covering the months of July – September 2012 were downloaded and uploaded to the TEAM website.

Camera trap:

Planning for the coming monitoring season was done (see sampling scheduler).

Trees and Lianas

Planning for the coming recensus was done (see sampling scheduler).

Protocol Problems: 

George Chuyong who is responsible for the Climate station at Korup still encountered difficulties to upload the first dataset.

Schedule Problems: 

Access to the climate station was temporarily impossible due to the intensity of rains. This resulted in a delay in acquiring and uploading climate data to the TEAM website.

Logistical Problems: 

The download of climate data is generally coupled to CTFS field activities, and any logistical problem with fieldwork is likely to affect also data climate data download.