Korup National Park (07.01.2013 to 09.30.2013)

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July - September
Communications activities: 

A simple narrative of camera-trapping activities in Korup was written by Kelly Boekee who led the 2013 TV field campaign, and distributed among organizations and individuals involved in Korup. The narrative got many entusiastic responses. WWF expressed interest in having TEAM-style camera-trapping campaigns in other parts of Korup (The current two TEAM arrays cover less than a fifth of the park).

A GPS map of the Southern part of Korup that we produced to aid navigation with the GPS units, which incorporated all the spatial information that we had aquired, was distributed among the same group and received with gratitude and enthusiasm. Several individuals said they were willing to contribute spatial information, e.g. by logging their navigation along the trails in other part of the park.

New Species: 

Chimpanzees were photographed in the area North of the TEAM arrays, confirming that the threatened species is still present in Korup.

Protocol Activities: 

Climate monitoring continued as planned.

The problems with the deskTEAM file were finally solved by the TEAM helpdesk, and all camera-trapping data are now in the database.