Manaus (01.01.2010 to 03.31.2010)

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January - March
Communications activities: 
Our driver Pedro Mendonça asked to leave TEAM. We are now looking for a new driver.
Protocol Problems: 
Climate: PAR radiation sensors (CR23X) have problems (values recorded at night, and the night has no radiation). Maintenance and cleaning of the sensor are been performed (removal of leaves, twigs, brids droppings, etc) Camera Trap: Difficulty in locating points of installation of camera traps. The terrain is rugged and the distances to be traveled are long. We are making hits (tracks) that will facilitate the shift.
Schedule Problems: 
Difficult to import the camera traps. Several months ago we are struggling to complete the import process, and this provided a considerable delay of field activities. Nothing could be done in addition to meeting the requirements of the agencies responsible and request agility to the import sector of INPA.
Logistical Problems: 
Cars without use condition. Even after we make emergency repairs on two old cars, they still presented problems because of the large wear over the years of use. Even the new car already is having mechanical problems, due to their intensive use and poor condition of acces roads to the plts. We can solve this problem only after approval of new budget for vehicle maintenance, and especially after we sell the old vehicles to buy a new one