Manaus (01.01.2011 to 03.31.2011)

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January - March
Communications activities: 


Carla Nogueira (fellowship undergraduate level) ended her activities in the vegetation protocol. Carla helped in the preparation of plant material and subsequent deposition of this material in the herbarium

Protocol Problems: 


There were problems in Par radiation sensors, radiation sensors, diffuse sensors and rainfall. Despite the cleaning of equipment and sensors, the problem was not solved due to a failure in the proper equipment.

Camera trap:

- Problems with implementation of the protocol have been resolved in previous years, but it would be useful to go into the field to establish new routes of access in thearray 2” located in the ZF2. That would make the work more efficient and fast

- I suggest that species names of Reptiles must be entered in Desk Team to identify these records because the number of species has been underestimated because it was not possible to name these species

- In Desk TEAM> PHOTO DATE, information entered in column NOTES are not recorded This should be corrected.

- In addition to the correction above mentioned, we believe that would be useful to enable the Desk TEAM to make specimens identification in the genus level only. That's because we know that the identification of some species (such as small mammals) only by black-white (and even color) photographs very inaccurate (for many species we need some cranial measurements). The name of these species could be inserted in the COMMENTS or NOTES columns, so other researchers could have known what species do not have an accurate identification and may be confused with other.

Schedule Problems: 

Trips to the meteorological station occurs with a frequency greater than expected (every 15 days), because the dirt and twigs that fall into the equipment may impair the reading of parameters. To visit the station more often gives us the possibility of maintaining equipment cleaned and maintaining the quality of measurements.

Logistical Problems: 


1- The computer used to data analisys had many problems along last year. This is an old computer. We asked for a new one in the budget to 2011.

2- We did not receive a new compass or details of the model to be purchased for the new mapping of the individuals who will be recruited during the census. We did not receive the Ecopda to use in the census this year.