Manaus (01.01.2012 to 03.31.2012)

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January - March
Communications activities: 

We previously mentioned the release of the TEAM study in the Brazilian media. In the last quarter we had new disclosures, with the highest nationwide. Reports were made to the local television (TV Amazonas) and national television (Globo News and TV Cultura). In general the stories are about the Camera Trap work, and sometimes on an overview of the work of TEAM. In addition to the information reported, our researchers also are filmed during the field work. Filming are usually made at  Reserva Ducke.

Protocol Activities: 

Management: We finalized all activities proposed to this fiscal year. All data were collected and it is uploaded to database already. We begin the discussion to the renewal of the convenium between INPA and CI, and the negotiation of the agreement for the next fiscal year.

Vegetation: Completion of data processing and sending to the TEAM database. We did the incorporation of botanical samples collected in the census of 2011 in the herbarium of INPA.

Climate: Collection of climatic variables (precipitation, air temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, diffuse radiation, photosynthetic active radiation - PAR and soil moisture), maintenance of sensors, data tabulation, sending data to the TEAM database; data analysis, development of monthly and annual climatologic  bulletins with our results.

Camera trap: We prepared the budget for 2012, data review, sending data do the TEAM database.   Another activity was the preparation of abstracts for oral presentation at the Brazilian Congress of Mastozoology.

Protocol Problems: 

Climate: Problems occurred in the sensors that measure radiation Par, diffuse and global. We did the cleaning of sensors and other equipment, however the problem was not resolved. It is a defect in the equipment itself, and this needs to be replaced.

Terrestrial Vertebrates: We suggest the inclusion of Reptiles and Amphibians species to Desk Team database,  to identify these specimens, since the number of specimens was underestimated because they were not included.
- NOTES tab of Desk Team is not saving the information submitted.
- We suggest setting the DESK TEAM to record names of animals also in the genus level, because you can not be sure of the species using only black-white picture. The probable species name can be entered in the notes tab.
  - The Desk Team had error to export files. The generated file had an inappropriate extension.
- The internet speed and capacity at INPA is not good. We can’t send camera data trough FTP. We used a external internet connection


We believe that the integration among researchers from different sites can contribute to the implementation and improvement of camera trap data analysis (and data from other protocols also). Perhaps it would be useful to conduct quick meetings or conferences to discuss difficulties and perspectives, as well as discussion of results.