Manaus (04.01.2010 to 06.30.2010)

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April - June
Protocol Problems: 
Camera trap: We had difficulty defining the points of installation of camera traps. There were overlap with our points and points used by other researchers at INPA, in both two areas we are studing (ZF2 - next to the IMAs 3 and 4, and ZF3 - next to the IMAs 5 and 6). In ZF2 area we went to field to relocate points without any change in their proposed positions. In ZF3 we don't solve the problem yet, because we din't met the responsible researcher for that area. However we plan to move some points from the overlap area. Climate: Sensors PAR (CR23X) are still having problems (values recorded at night, and the night has no radiation). Probably this problem is related to the life of the equipment. Maintenance and cleaning of the sensor (Removal of leaves, twigs, bird droppings etc..) has been performed but the problem continues.