Manaus (07.01.2010 to 09.30.2010)

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July - September
Communications activities: 
We hired a new driver, Juscelino Bezerra. We hired a temporary camera trap fellow, Bruna Sepulcri
Protocol Problems: 

Problem to use Desk TEAM software: Although we can download the program Desk TEAM from the website, we are experiencing difficulties to use this program. It is not running. We've already contacted Erick Fegraus to try to solve these problems.

Schedule Problems: 

We are having trouble importing the new equipment climate. We can do this import by INPA, and we have no resource to do a direct import, as this will increase the product value by 60%. We are trying to enroll the ASSAI in the program Easy Import / CNPq, but the Brazilian bureaucracy have hampered this process too. For several months we are contacting the CNPq weekly to get this record, but without success yet.

Logistical Problems: 

This year we are having great difficulty to arrive at  ZF3 (IMA 5 and 6) because the access road is in disrepair. The soil is clay, and is quite bumpy. This creates significant wear and some mechanical problems in the car. The INPA claims not to have recourse to the maintenance of these roads, so we need an alternative to find resources for this purpose. In the rainy season will be impossible to use these roads.