Nouabalé Ndoki (07.01.2009 to 09.30.2009)

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July - September
Schedule Problems: 
Due to a delay in purchasing and shipping of the equipment from the US to the Congo and the site, we couldn’t set up the climate station in August as planned in the sampling schedule. Hoping to have the equipment on site no late than the end of October, we are now planning on setting up the climate station in November before the vegetation and camera trap sampling scheduled to start late the same month (Nov 28th).
Logistical Problems: 
Most of the equipment shipped air freight from New York mad it to Brazzaville in early October and the others that were shipped in a container arrived in Pointe Noire about a week earlier. However, due to the lack of a quick way to deliver the equipment that already arrived in Brazzaville to the site and the delay in the administration process to get the other equipment that arrived in a container including going through customs, the whole logistics process is just too heavy and will end up slowing down our implementation of the sampling schedule.