Pasoh Forest Reserve (01.01.2011 to 09.30.2011)

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01 : January - September
Protocol Activities: 

(a) The six vegetation plots were established. However, this happened too late to receive their first diameter census in the mid-year dry season. The first dry-season census of diameters has been rescheduled to in January-March 2012, which is the second dry season at Pasoh.

(b) Camera traps were deployed for the first time at each of the two 30-point arrays, one in the Pasoh Forest Reserve, the second in Kenaboi Forest, during June-September 2011. Photos were sent to Washington on DVD, but were not yet processed with DeskTEAM

(c) Climate data recording started September 2011, using the TEAM equipment installed in the existing canopy tower at the Pasoh Field Station.

Protocol Problems: 

The first download of climate data showed errors. We are attempting to resolve the problem with help from the TEAM Technical director.

Schedule Problems: 

It turned out to be impossible to complete all the work for vegetation and terrestrial vertebrates with the available time, especially because the fieldwork period includes the fasting period. We decided to move the first census of the vegetation plots to the second dry season (Pasoh has two dry seasons per year). Technical Director of TEAM approved this.