Pasoh Forest Reserve (01.01.2016 to 03.31.2016)

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January - March
Communications activities: 

TEAM activities at Pasoh was included in a research presentation to a group of 64 students from a local elementary school on 17 March 2016. Research findings from the TEAM project was used to demonstrate to the students with regards to forest ecology and function.

Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 

Unsual dry season has been experienced in Pasoh and most of Peninsular Malaysia since early fo the year. Temperatures are higher than average (35-37 degrees celcius compared to usual 30-32 degrees) while perciptation is exceptionally low, with light showers experienced only a few days per month. Meterological Department reported this to be the effect of El Nino.

New Species: 


Protocol Activities: 


Census for all six vegetation plots were compeleted on 20 February 2016.


Monthly data download and maintenance conducted

Protocol Problems: 


During the recent re-census, several errors were identified - tree location (bearing) and some even tree family identification. This has been communicated to the tecnical team and are awaiting technical advice on how to deal with this situation prior data upload.


Schedule Problems: 


Logistical Problems: 


The laptop used to download data from the datalogger was reformatted and the newly installed PCW200 software could not detect the datalogger for several months. Once the problem was fixed, data collected from the time the problem started could not be retrieved, causing data from November 2015 to February 2016 to be lost.