Pasoh Forest Reserve (04.01.2013 to 06.30.2013)

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April - June
Communications activities: 


Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 

Rare flat-headed cat (Prionilurus planiceps) caught on a camera trap.

Sightings of the flat-headed cat (Prionilurus planiceps) is so rare that it was thought to be extinct in 1985. Their numbers are very low and estimated at only 2,000 – 2,500 individuals in the wild. Pictures taken on camera traps placed in Pasoh are only the second of such footage since it was first caught on video in the rau Wildlife Reserve, also a lowland tropical forest.

New Species: 


Protocol Activities: 

30 cameras were set up in Pasoh in May 2013, 27 in Array 3 (a new array in Pasoh Forest Reserve) to replace Array 2 formerly in Kenaboi Forest Reserve. The changes were made due to the low forest quality in Kenaboi FR. The cameras were collected in June 2013 and images are being analysed. Eleven cameras produced blurry misty pictures in the daytime (only). Cameras were sent to Reconyx (Wisconsin USA) for repairs). For these camera locations, another camera was set up for a month (to be picked up in August 2013 when cameras for Array 1 will be deployed after Ramadhan celebrations).

A new solar panel and battery were purchase to boost power to the climate station, which is still facing power shortage problems. These will be installed in August 2013.

Protocol Problems: 

Pasoh FR area of 13,900ha can only fit in 57 camera locations with a 2km radius apart as per protocol. The remaining 3 locations have yet to be decided with approval from TEAM Technical team and may have to consider setting it less than 1.5km apart.

Schedule Problems: 

All field TEAM activities in Pasoh is suspended in respect of the holy Ramadhan month and will resume mid-August 2013.

Logistical Problems: 



There is still problems in uploading reports and news into TEAM site using Windows 8. Appreciate if this can be fixed .